(DS9 novella: The Badlands, Part IV), In 2373, he was involved in a mission with his son Narak and working with a splinter group of the Maquis. Crusher then asks Riker how long the tension between him and Worf would continue. "His kingdom rules over all" (Psalm 103:19). A few moments later the door chimes again and to everyone's surprise, Picard is at the door. They arrive shortly, and sensors pick up a large subspace anomaly. (TNG episode: "The Defector"), Tomalak encountered the Enterprise yet again that year while the Starfleet crew was being possessed by strange energy beings. He has found three tachyon pulses with the same amplitude modulation converging at the center of the anomaly. Picard sets the course to the Devron system, warp 5. Under attack, the USS Pasteur attempts to escape. She allows Picard to give the order to engage, but as he does, he shifts back to the past. Commander Tomalak on his warbird in 2366. (ST website: The Path to 2409), In 2367, an illusionary version of Tomalak was projected by the alien Barash on Alpha Onias III in an attempt to make Commander William T. Riker believe that he was in a coma and revived in the future. In Riker's quarters, Riker, Worf, Crusher, Data, and La Forge are playing their weekly game of poker. Q admits that he got Picard into it (under orders from the Continuum), but it was his choice alone to give him a helping hand. While there, the sisters connect to their roots and help save the farm from foreclosure. Picard supports the idea, and La Forge states that now they need to find a medical ship. Worf retaliates, saying that if Riker had helped them in the first place, none of this would have happened, before Picard breaks up the argument by reminding them that the Pasteur is seconds away from exploding, and that they need to get to a safe distance. Gender: In the present, Data makes the same suggestion, and Picard orders the Enterprise in. In the observation lounge, Picard tries to put things straight. La Forge says that it goes against the rules they've heard about not polluting the timeline, but Data believes that the case is different. Continuous scans in the future report no anomalies within a light year of the Devron system. Riker asks Data for any ideas. Then, Picard sees the strange, barbaric people again, but doesn't understand yet. Several, It is said that the anomaly was formed by the convergence of the tachyon pulses from the three, It is clear that there is no more warp 5 limit in the future. They agree, and make preparations to go in. (Data glares) Tomalak denied that the scout ship had illegally entered Federation space by claiming that it had suffered a " navigational failure", and he also denied the possibility of a second crew member since the … Family Picard then commences to read the orders which placed him in command given by Admiral Norah Satie, but is interrupted several times by the strange people he saw in the future. (TNG episode: "The Enemy"; WizKids module: Attack Wing), Later in the same year, he was involved in a complex deception that involved Admiral Alidar Jarok who defected to Starfleet and claimed that the Star Empire was building its military on Nelvana III with the intention of invading Federation space. Admiral Riker hails them, and offers to help with the Klingons. But then again, all good things must come to an end...", "The Continuum didn't think you had it in you, Jean-Luc. Data suggests using an inverse tachyon pulse to scan beyond the subspace barrier. "All Good Things...," 20 Years Later Star Trek: The Next Generation ended its seven-year run on May 23, 1994, with the two-hour finale, “All Good Things…” The extended farewell touched all the bases, sending Captain Picard into the past, present and future, a wild ride masterminded by Q. He then tells Riker to deliver the message to the rest of the crew, and ends the call. They cannot, however, enter the Neutral Zone until the Romulans do. Heading directly to the bridge, he reports to Commander Riker that they have a bigger problem than they thought. A memorable melodic gesture kindly lifts this message of gratitude that reflects on the goodness of the Lord. The Pasteur's weapons are no match for the Klingon ships, and La Forge can't get warp power. Q decides that Picard needs the proper perspective to solve the puzzle, and clicks his fingers. ", "Four hands in a row... how does he do it?" Picard again asks the counselor if she senses an alien presence, and Worf asks Yar what is a "Q," who responds that all she knows is that it is a letter of the alphabet. As soon as he tries to explain something, Picard stops speaking in mid-sentence. ", "Do you really think he's moving through time?" Memory Alpha articles needing page citations, The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years, Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Continuing Mission, Journey's End: The Saga of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: The Next Generation Viewers Choice Marathon, Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Full Length TV Movies, Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Complete TV Movies, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/All_Good_Things..._(episode)?oldid=2690934, Michael Piller had an influence on the writing of the second half of this episode. As he finishes reading the orders, he goes to shake hands with Counselor Troi, but is again distracted by the shouting people he sees. Riker says that he tried to put it behind them at Troi's funeral and make peace, but Worf refused to even talk to him. He takes out one ship, and draws the fire of the other. But Crusher says that he might not be saying anything that is the truth. Worf agrees, and they silently affirm their friendship. La Forge thinks it is another one of Q's tricks, but Picard disagrees. "Is that all this meant to you? The Pasteur arrives in orbit with Dr. Beverly Crusher in command. In the present, Picard accidentally bumps into a crew member on his way to sickbay. However, before he could claim the Enterprise crew as prisoners of war, his fleet was surrounded by three vessels from the Klingon Defense Force and forced him to withdraw his ships. If they had a ship with a cloak, it would have been safer, and criticizes Riker for not helping them, but Picard doesn't care. All Good Things All Good Things Wine is a Napa Valley based, family owned business. He believes Q to be serious, but both Crusher and Troi say that there is an apparent confusion in Q's statement about that fact that he has already caused, and is now causing, the destruction of humanity. Riker asks why, and Picard responds that Q has always had more than just passing interest in humanity and with Picard in particular. Back on the Enterprise, Picard is at the beginning of his journey, leaving a turbolift and walking into a corridor towards Counselor Troi's quarters. Crusher and Worf exchange quick greetings, and then Crusher asks if he has had time to read their request. In the future, the same is done, as the Enterprise heads towards the anomaly. Meeting with Picard once again, he introduced Jagron to his Starfleet nemesis during a meeting near the Bolian colony of Myrmidon. ", Winrich Kolbe directing Patrick Stewart and John de Lancie on the set of "All Good Things...", Director Winrich Kolbe and Denise Crosby on set, Brent Spiner and his costumer Deborah Hall, John de Lancie filming a special effects scene, ability; accusation; acetylcholine; alphabet; alternate timeline; amino acid; analogy; anomaly; anti-time; anti-time Data's cats; anti-time eruption; anti-time future; anti-time past; anti-time present; antimatter containment; ape-like race; area of expertise; bacillus spray; balalaika; battle readiness report; battle stations; beach; bearing; Betazed; biometrics lab; Black Sea; Black Sea at Night; blood gas analysis; "bloody"; boatswain's whistle; Bozeman, USS; Brahms, Leah; career; chicken and the egg; Cambridge University; cat; cerebral cortex; Chateau Picard; civilization; cloaking device; colorful metaphor; Concord, USS; cooking; D'deridex-class; cup; Darjeeling tea; dash; Daystrom Institute; dealer; deflector dish; department; Devron system; DNA; Earl Grey tea; Earth; Earth Station McKinley; emergency power; etymology; expression; Farpoint Mission; Farpoint Station; Federation; figure of speech; fireplace; fire suppression system; focal point; force field grid; France; G-type star; Galaxy-class; Galileo; governor (aka vah'cha); H'atoria; hippocampus; hovercar; Human history; Humanity; ice pick; idiom; infusor array; inverse tachyon pulse; Irumodic Syndrome; Klingons; Klingon Empire; La Barre; La Forge, Alandra; La Forge, Bret; La Forge, Sidney; Lake Cataria; leaf miner; Lee; level 2 security alert; level 4 neurographic scan; Livingston; long range sensor scan; Lucasian Chair; Luna; maid; McKinley-type; McKinley Station; medical tricorder; medical ship; microscope; milk; mind; multiphasic temporal convergence; Munoz; Negh'Var warship (Klingon attack cruisers); neurological disorder; Newton, Isaac; nightmare; novel; number one; nutmeg; ocular implant; Olympic-class; optic nerve; oxygen isotope ratio; paradox; parietal lobe; Pasteur, USS; peridaxon; petroleum; phase inducer; phenomenon; plasma coil; plot; ploy; poker; pond; post-atomic horror; priority one message; protagonist; protein; psychogenic; puzzle; Q Continuum; red alert; renegade; replicator; representative; Rigel III; Rippert; Romulan; Romulan Neutral Zone; Romulan Star Empire; Romulus; Satie, Norah; secondary plasma inducer; senility; senior officer; shearing force; skunk; sky; spacedock; space-time continuum; spatial anomaly; species; star; Starbase 23; Starbase 247; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy; Starfleet Command; Starfleet Intelligence; Starfleet Medical; static warp shell; subspace scan; surrender; synaptic pathway; tea; temporal anomaly; temporal energy; temporal lobe; temporal mechanics; temporal paradox; temporal reversion; Ten Forward; Terrellian plague; Terix; tomographic imaging scanner; trial; tryptamine; Type 6 shuttlecraft; VISOR; warp core breach; warp drive; warp factor; warp plasma inducer; yellow alert; Yorktown, USS, Androna; merchant ship; Selar; Terrellian transport ship. In 2344 on stardate 21163.4, he was a Centurion and was commanded by Ruanek to commandeer a ground car to transport Spock, Ruanek, and Charvanek to a scout ship to escape from the Romulan Neutral Zone. As a result of these incidents, Tomalak was removed as Proconsul a year later and his position was replaced by Sela who served Tal'Aura as her enforcer as well as her fleet commander. This is one of three episodes where Picard is seen occupying the, In the past timeline, Picard refers to a young Miles O'Brien and his passion for building model starship engines, a fact first revealed in the, The conversation in the conference lounge around the mid point of the episode has some parallels to a similar conversation in ". Career In the present, Data has a preliminary report of the anomaly. Picard, amused at the reminder of Data's complete unfamiliarity with human expressions, then welcomes the commander on board, and asks for his help on the infusor array. Now, this will put the ship at risk. It is at this moment La Forge confesses that he stopped by to see Picard and how he was holding up to his newly contracted Irumodic Syndrome. Looks like you're using an unsupported browser or operating system. He wants to speak to Riker. Q states that Picard is doing it, has done it, and will do it again. On board a shuttlecraft, Natasha Yar, an old member of the crew, is talking with the captain about any previous experiences he has had with Galaxy-class starships. This has gone on long enough! Data's housekeeper Jessel offers them tea, and Picard accepts. ← 176th of 176 produced in TNG   That's the last we see of Romulans in this episode. The Pasteur's warp core, however, has destabilized, and there is a warp core breach in progress. The definitive site for Reviews, Trailers, Showtimes, and Tickets He explains to La Forge that he was in the past, and tells him they have to get to the neutral zone in this time period. Data identifies the problem, and states that they will need to "ignite the midnight petroleum" to fix the problem. Picard confirms the date with himself, before he reveals to Troi that he, without knowing the reason, is somehow moving back and forth through time. Data however, has an option. Picard suddenly finds himself back on Earth with Q, about 3.5 billion years in the past. Data scans, and finds four Romulan Warbirds holding place on the Romulan side. ", "Goodbye, Jean-Luc. (TNG comic: "The Weapon"), Some time after 2367, Tomalak was behind the capture of Geordi La Forge and Dr. Leah Brahms in an effort to repair an early Federation technology. "It was... very stimulating. He remembers being outside, but can not remember any specifics. Picard tells the ensign not to leave in six hours, but Crusher overrules him. As they go back to Picard's house, Picard tells La Forge what he thought of his latest novel, but in the middle of a comment, he suddenly sees a strange group of people, dressed in shabby clothes, and supposedly mocking the captain. Crusher wants to leave, but Picard wants to try a different way to scan for the anomaly. As soon as he leaves, Crusher asks them about what they think of his story, and all three silently agree that they don't believe it. Suddenly, Picard shifts back to the present. He goes back to bed, saying that he could use some sleep, leaving both Troi and Worf dumbfounded. It is at this time that Counselor Troi reveals the romance that she had had with Commander Riker, but Picard states that he is confident in her abilities to deal with the situation. At the center, all three ships initiate the warp shell, and a new subspace barrier forms. This lovely anthem serves as a gentle reminder of the many blessings of God's almighty hand. In sickbay, Dr. Crusher reports that she found nothing to indicate hallucinations. Since the anomaly never occurred, the future they encounter will be radically different from the one Picard experienced. While they failed to eliminate the movement, their plan was successful in destroying the Imperial Romulan State. Crusher asks Picard to get some rest, but Picard says that he is not an invalid. Commander Tomalak on his warbird in 2370 Admiral Riker says that he cannot help. "Answer me! Tomalak confronted Jean-Luc Picard concerning their mutual fleet movements, and each agreed to send a single vessel into the Neutral Zone to investigate. In the future timeline, Data can use contractions, and appears to understand idioms, as he deciphers the captain's reference to "the chicken and the egg", which he was unable to in the past (as explained earlier, where he did not understand "burning the midnight oil"). Picard contacts Riker at Farpoint Station. Additionally, they were able to arrange the death of Director Rehaek for his plans to expose Tal'Aura's plan. Q then closes the court, and Picard is sent back to the present. Click to review . Picard sits down, seemingly troubled by this. Worf is about to drop her off at her quarters, but wants to talk about their next date. He notices that he was on the Enterprise, in sickbay, but conjectures that it may have been a hospital. Picard however, loses his chance to asks more questions when he asks why. The anomaly is a multiphasic temporal convergence in the space-time continuum, an eruption of anti-time. Picard then proceeds to thank Q for helping him get out of it. He once again met his arch nemesis Jean-Luc Picard when Starfleet deployed a similar number of ships on their size of the Romulan Neutral Zone. ", "Q! Proconsul, Romulan Star Empire Tomalak However, it is larger that it just was in the present. A member of the bridge crew calls out for "Captain Picard" and both Picard and Crusher respond with a yes. “We didn't plan on being a band of any sort,” says singer, Dan Murphy. All Good Things question about Data. (TNG comic: "Intelligence Gathering"), The next year, Tomalak encountered Kat Mueller in the USS Grissom near the Neutral Zone border. However, Data regretfully reports that there is no anomaly to see. Picard replies to Crusher that she kept his last name, suggesting a marriage and subsequent divorce of these two in this future timeline, hence the captain of the Pasteur is actually Captain Beverly Picard. "Are you saying that it worked? Romulan Star Empire Picard hopes that he never finds himself in the courtroom again, causing Q to ask if Picard has been paying attention… the trial never ends. Now, after seven years, their television journey … The Klingons don't listen, and Worf signals a surrender. Counselor Troi then asks Picard to speak to her in his ready room. Q states that the Human race has failed to expand their minds. Picard suggests Jean-Luc, but La Forge doesn't feel sure about calling him that, and settles on captain, like he had done twenty-five years prior, on the Enterprise. ", "It's time to put an end to your trek through the stars. She says that they need to get clearance to cross the border, and La Forge suggests contacting Worf. Tomalak agrees as soon as he hears Starfleet does not approve, and reminds the captain to only send one ship. It comprises the 25th and 26th episodes of the seventh season and is the 177th and 178th episodes of the series overall. Captain, we've got a problem with the warp core or the phase inducers or some other damn thing. Picard agrees, and then goes on to describe a curious side note. He calls immediately for red alert, and a senior staff meeting. Things in the world are not governed by second causes, by the counsels of … Picard then asks Worf to issue a level 2 security alert, which surprises Yar, as she is the security chief. What is going on here? Data then goes on to explain the change in his hair color, and then Picard remarks that the tea is not Earl Grey, but Darjeeling tea. This limit was set in ", Data begins a high-speed rant while attempting to comprehend the meaning of "burn the midnight oil." Picard however, can arrange this. Mimo žánr je jeho asi nejznámější rolí padouch z filmu Uprchlík s Harrisonem Fordem. He starts to describe that he remembers more each time he shifts. He intended to take it as a prize to Romulus where all useful information would be taken from it after which its broken hull would be use to inspire the Romulan military. He states that he has never been aboard one, but is familiar with the blueprints and schematics. Crusher then agrees with him and leaves. In Ten Forward, La Forge compliments on how well Enterprise has held up over the years. The footage of the 2364 Riker reporting is a reused shot taken from ", Early in the 2364 sequence, O'Brien reports that a number of ships have been reported entering the Neutral Zone. Where is the anomaly?" On the way back to her quarters, Troi discusses how she doesn't spend enough time on the holodeck, and should go there more often. Inside sickbay, several time-reversing phenomena are occurring. If All Good Things was not a band, it would be necessary to invent them -- and in fact, that’s just what happened. He was used as an intermediary between the Borg and the Romulan people. He asks Data to find the USS Pasteur, saying that he has some pull with the captain-at least he used to. In the last seven years, Captain Picard and the crew of the starship Enterprise have visited strange new worlds, encountered life in all its galactic diversity, and faced deadlier enemies than man has ever known. Data explains that it is one of the perks of holding the Lucasian Chair at Cambridge, the home itself once belonging to Sir Isaac Newton, one of the early Lucasian professors. "Is it a Romulan plot? In the past, Picard orders the Enterprise into the anomaly, and Tasha Yar refuses to put the ship in jeopardy. Commander Tomalak also denied an allegation that a second Romulan officer was present on the planet. Picard then realizes that the anomaly is expanding as it moves back in time. He and La Forge work on rerouting power and initiate the tachyon pulse. The two share a tender, but romantic kiss. Tomalak was the commander of the Romulan D'deridex -class warbird that violated the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2366 to rescue the crew of the Romulan scout ship Pi, that had crashed on Galorndon Core. "Did it work?" "Uh, where's your mommy? Riker says that Starfleet tried to decommission her five years ago, but the advantage of being an admiral was that he got to pick his own ship. Soldier Everything you know, your entire civilization, it all begins right here in this little pond... of goo. Troi: Ho-hum. (NF short story: "Performance Appraisal"), In an alternate 2370, Tomalak was in command of the IRW Terix and the Terix was the flagship of a Romulan fleet that was on the Romulan side of the Neutral Zone. To Picard, Tomalak claimed that the Pi suffered from "navigational failure" which resulted in it entering Federation space. His mission was impeded by the Federation Galaxy class starship USS Enterprise-D under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Starfleet. Children: (. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Raise the Dawn), Later in 2383 on stardate 60900.31, Tomalak was a fleet commander in an assault on the planet Xanitla which was a world belonging to the Imperial Romulan State under the rule of Empress Donatra. Once again, Picard has to save humanity. After negotiating with Picard, he agreed to allow the Federation's counterpart flagship, the starship USS Enterprise-D, to enter the Zone and travel to the Devron system in order to deal with the crisis. Discussion in 'Star Trek: The Next Generation' started by TroiFan4ever, Mar 21, 2011. They could arrange passage on a medical ship, which has been granted permission to help Romulans fight off a strain of Terrellian plague. Picard doesn't understand why history is not happening the way it should, but he suddenly shifts to the courtroom in which he had his first encounter with Q. "Now that was an incredible program." (DS9 comic: "Public Enemies, Private Lives"), Later that year, he arrived with Tebok and a flight of warbirds to help defend Deep Space 9 against a Dominion incursion. (Unlimited comic: "Inheritance"), In late 2368, he attempted to kidnap Data in order to get assistance with closing an inter-dimensional rift. He wants everyone to prepare battle readiness reports to cope with the Romulan threat, and ends the meeting. It is seven-years ago, and mankind is being put on trial by Q – not again, but still. Tomalak There appears to be some sort of tension, and this bothers Riker, who loses his awareness for a few moments. The title is derived from the expression "All good things must come to an end", a phrase used by the character Q during the episode itself. In the past, Picard explains to Data that if they scan the anomaly with an inverse tachyon pulse, they will see that the anomaly is a rupture between time and anti-time. Once again, Picard turned the tables and set the beings loose on Tomalak's ship before making his escape. "I'm kidding! "All Good Things..." Q then shows Picard a pool of green sludge, a pool of amino acids. All The Good Things by Clare Fisher is a highly charged emotional read that just grabs you right in the heart. "See you… out there", the omnipotent entity states to Picard before disappearing. Yar then tells Picard that she has Commander Riker on subspace. There are also no indications of temporal displacement, and Crusher believes that Picard is enjoying waking people up in the middle of the night, to which he responds that he really just likes running around the ship in his bare feet. Production number: 40277-747 Well, I don't know." Winrich Kolbe Riker asks how long, but Picard is unsure. ", "It is not for you to set the standards by which we should be judged." In reality, though, he had become an agent of the Tal Shiar, under Chairwoman Sela. Picard accepts these terms. Picard states that this is the right place, and the right time, but "he" is not here. He remembers feeling disoriented, but this soon passed, and he felt as if everything was perfectly normal. ← 327th of 801 released in all → She reveals that he has advanced Irumodic Syndrome, and that it is possible that the entire journey is in his mind. He asks O'Brien to accompany him to engineering, where he gives the chief instructions to bypass the plasma inducers. Picard answers it in Dr. Crusher's office, to hear that there is now a fleet-wide yellow alert. Fans caught glimpses of older versions of Picard, Worf, Riker, Crusher (or make that Captain Beverly Picard), … Loved the character voice in this one - Beth is an adult, a young one but an adult none the less, she pulls you into her life with her simplistic but utterly immersive telling of her life story. O'Brien states that they are nearing the coordinates he was given, and Picard asks Data to scan for something unusual, a strong barrier of some sort. Riker enters to report that Worf has found nothing on his security scans. 3.5 billion years ago/2364/ca. Worf gets outraged at this, and Worf reluctantly allows them to cross the border, provided that he comes with them. It is designed to complete the game and add even more replayability and options. "Worf, we were strolling barefoot along the beach while balalaika music played in the air… ocean breeze washing over us… stars in the sky… a full moon rising… and the most you can say is "stimulating"?" The relationship between time and anti-time is analogous to the relationship between matter and anti-matter, and upon contact, the two would annihilate each other, causing the rupture in space. Worf hails the lead Warbird, but a time shift occurs, placing Picard in the future. This was only the third Q episode to not have "Q" in the title. As they talk about this, Picard enters Ten Forward, to the surprise of everyone there. It is as if all three pulses came from the Enterprise. Picard agrees, but reminds Crusher about the fact that humanity's fate is at stake. La Forge offers to help, and tells Picard how to help his plants grow better, saying he picked up some tips from his wife Leah. (TNG episode: "All Good Things..."), In a parallel universe, Tomalak was assimilated by the Borg Collective as a counterpart to the queen. Warp power is off-line, so they try to evade the attacks. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Tomalak pointed out that at least one of the Enterprise-D crew understood Romulans. “All Good Things…” Written by Ronald D. Moore & Brannon Braga Directed by Winrich Kolbe Season 7, Episode 25 Production episode 40277-747 Original air date: May 23, 1994 Stardate: 47988.0… The trial never ended, captain. ", "I should have done this a long time ago." As Riker leaves, he cautiously asks Worf for a helping hand on the bridge, to which Worf agrees. We collapsed the anomaly?" "I am glad you approve. Worf comes on the comm to report that there is a transmission from Admiral Nakamura. Worf is ab… La Forge apparently does not see the people, but before Picard can say anything, the scene shifts again, to another time period. You're talking to me, aren't you?" In the past, Picard wants to know how the anomaly was formed. Nurse Ogawa reports that they have reports from two crew members stating that old scars are healing themselves. He had the feeling he was in the past. He feels that they should get approval from Commander Riker before continuing their relationship but Troi firmly states that their relationship does not need such approval. Suddenly, Picard is in the present, talking with Commander Tomalak. Picard however, states that they will continue the mission to Farpoint, despite orders. ", "So, five-card stud, nothing wild... and the sky's the limit. In the past, the Enterprise arrives at the same location, and also picks up the same anomaly. ", "Captain Picard to the bridge. Yet, Data says that because there is no evidence to disprove the captain, they can run some neurographic scans with the equipment on campus. After production wrapped on "All Good Things...", In between the "Journey's End" documentary and the finale, there was a, This was the only TNG episode adapted into a. "Tea? Tomalak had promoted the young man to make it seem like a low priority mission in order to misdirect the changelings. As he does this, he hears La Forge's voice, jokingly complaining about an issue on the Enterprise, "the warp core or the phase inducers… or some other damn thing" as he approaches, smiling warmly. The time shifts back to the "present," in Troi's quarters, and he tells her that he was just with Yar in the shuttle. Crusher apologizes, and then Picard agrees to go get some rest. The standoff ended when Picard revealed that Praetor Neral had been captured by the Watraii. In Picard's ready room, Troi tells him that the crew is a bit confused with his irrational orders, and some don't trust him. The Continuum wanted to see if humanity could expand their mind and horizons and for one moment Picard did, when he realized the paradox. "That's only four!" Troi asks him to consider if this was a dream, but Picard says that the experience was much more real than a dream. (ST - Typhon Pact novel: Rough Beasts of Empire), In 2383, he was serving as one of Kamemor's Proconsuls, alongside Anlikar Ventel.