Player Guardians are particularly resistant to Hive magic for lore reasons too esoteric to get into right now. She has pink hair, which is pulled up under her hat, and teal eyes. The company has already road-mapped a trilogy of expansions, which will release over the next couple years. The mission quickly becomes a last-ditch effort to control the fallout of that failure with the help of a dead Guardian’s last action. Besides bringing back the Hive as headliners, there are a few things we can extrapolate about The Witch Queen expansion. Art: Dan Barry . Light Fall. But Bungie also spoke about the next three years for Destiny, mentioning the expansions coming in 2021 and 2022: The Witch Queen and Lightfall. Bungie has yet to reveal a proper trailer for The Witch Queen, but it sneaked a mini-trailer of sorts into the Season of Arrival trailer. “I’m going to refinance my entire existence. Hive were once a more varied species called the Krill, but as far as Destiny is concerned, pretty much everyone you’ll see is a combatant. If you've been wandering the solar system in Destiny 2 during the Season of Arrivals, you've probably noticed the weird Eyes of Savathun floating around. Her tendrils and influence expand to numerous locations players have visited previously, from the Moon to the Cabal spaceship The Leviathan, so she could be literally anywhere. And who knows what other Darkness abilities Destiny 2 might add to the fold by then. But be careful: questions just make her more powerful. I’m going to move from an existential economy based on the accumulation of violence to an existential economy based on the accumulation of secrets and the tribute of failing-to-understand-me.”. 2 in the United Kingdom and No. One of them, Xol, appeared in Destiny 2 and was destroyed by the Guardians. In 2021, we will get Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and then Destiny 2: Lightfall in 2022. That’s an excerpt from Truth to Power, a lore book released during 2018’s expansion, Forsaken. This update will introduce new Darkness powers, the Stasis element, and new equipment. In order to save her people, she and her siblings ended up corrupting them. However, we have extremely few details about it at this time. Meanwhile, players killed Crota in his own Throne World, the Oversoul Throne. They lend themselves to puzzles, swordplay, and a Gormenghastian story of an ever-crumbling dynasty. The Witch Queen has been mentioned repeatedly in Destiny 2 and even has multiple strikes revolving around her schemes. There's not a lot of established information about The Witch Queen, but here's everything we do know. The delay of Beyond Light does not seem to have impacted the release windows of those expansions. And why is fighting her probably going to look differently from anything else in Destiny 2 so far? However, since previous expansions named after specific characters have revolved around those characters (e.g., The Taken King, Curse of Osiris, and Warmind), it is safe to assume The Witch Queen will feature Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, sister of Oryx, the Taken King and one of the creators of the Hive race. Starting at the 50 second mark, the Season of Arrival trailer cuts to Eris Morn talking to Zavala about how something interfered when the Darkness tried to "reach out." There’s a lot of misinformation out there about Truth to Power. The Witch Queen is an enemy in Conan Exiles. The Witch Queen is a character in Ojamajo Doremi and an important figure in the witch world as its the current ruler. Not October 2021 or Summer 2021, just 2021. Template: [Source] [Talk] Savathûn, also known as the "Witch-Queen" and formerly known as Sathona, is a Hive Wizard and sister to Xivu Arath and Oryx, the Taken King. Anderson Lowers the Bar with Another Video Game Movie, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and Lightfall Expansions and Future of the MMO Revealed, Destiny 2: Exo Stranger's Return Explained, Introducing A Brand New FREE Quarterly Magazine From Den of Geek, How EVE Online Is Changing Players' Lives for the Better. No pertinent information about new enemies, raids, or equipment, no clip of Savathûn gloating evilly, just Eris Morn giving five seconds of exposition. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's release is a long way off. Meta-fiction like this certainly isn’t revelatory in games, but it is fun. 1 Description 2 Strategy 3 Dialogue 3.1 On entering the dungeon 3.2 In Combat 3.3 On Death 4 Gallery The Witch Queen is one of the ancient rulers of Lemuria who were, without exception, all women. Since she’s yet to appear in Destiny, there’s a lot of speculation surrounding Savathûn, and she feeds on that. There won’t be a full-fledged Destiny 3 (if at all) any time soon, in other words. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen release date, trailer, characters and locations. Beneath both of her eyes are three dark blue teardrops. All is not lost, as “Savathûn’s Song” offers a bit of new information about the Witch-Queen: she’s working on ways to turn the Light to her advantage. Players fought Oryx in his personal Throne World (a.k.a. However, Destiny players have a history of fighting Hive royalty, so you can make an educated guess. 21 in the United States. Bungie has yet to announce who will star in The Witch Queen. Savathûn is one of the leaders of the Hive, the vaguely bug-like aliens ruled by necromancers. Only that Destiny expansions tend to avoid early year releases, which implies the first four months of 2021 are out. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The most overt reference to the Witch-Queen is the Strike “Savathûn’s Song.” The Hive are stealing Guardians’ Light and sealing whole fireteams away as crystal batteries, and your fireteam’s job is to get them back. You don’t. D2.2 is going back to the original themes, somewhat. In Destiny 2‘s current storyline, Savathûn’s transmissions have been playing havoc on Eris Morn’s attempts to research the Darkness’ weaknesses. In an interview with Games Radar, Luke Smith has also said. Savathûn also created the time loop that plagues the Dreaming City, a major plot point in Forsaken. Other than that assumption, players are completely in the dark. Normally, you could use past launch dates to guesstimate when Bungie plans on releasing The Witch Queen. Depending on who you talk to, the Hive species to which both belong are either over-used or the game’s best enemies. She seems to have gained her brother’s ability to corrupt people into Taken, single-minded and ghostly enemies. Truth to Power isn’t the only reference to Savathûn peppered throughout the last few seasons. D2-125 - "The Witch Queen's Magic” (1/24/83 to 5/7/83) Flash Gordon D-2 Series Strip . Witch Queen. This is a reference to in-universe speculation about Savathûn, but it’s also perfectly addressed to gamers themselves. RELATED: Bungie Plans to Add Destiny … Now, as the Hive, their entire goal is to gain more power through killing for their gods. This revelation upsets Zavala, and that's it so far. Destiny 2 ’s season 11, Season of Arrivals, continues to tease a new Hive villain: Savathûn, the Witch-Queen. It's too early to make any release date assumptions other than the promised window. Instead, Savathûn follows Imbaru, an alternative take on the Sword Logic where she gains power every time someone is wrong about her true nature or plans. She worships the god Dagon. The Witch-Queen herself is getting tired of the Sword Logic. Unfortunately, it's unclear where The Witch Queen will take place, partially because nobody knows where Savathûn is hiding. Witch Queen is a tall woman with a slim build. The last two feminine archetypes we are covering in this series are The Witch and The Queen. The Witch Queen is a menace and her reign has to end! Together with her two siblings, she was a progenitor of the contemporary Hive species and one of its chief gods, having made a pact with the Worms of Fundament. Soon, Guardians may even get to meet her in person. Since The Witch Queen is a year away, this lack of a trailer isn't unexpected. That’s the idea. It will arrive sometime in 2021. I shall gather tribute from every false prediction, misguided theory, fearful rumor, and ominous supposition which derives from the thought of me.”. Completing the Audience with the Queen requires you to get the Offering to the Oracle item. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Here's what you need to know about the titular character of The Witch Queen expansion! He said she cursed him and tore out the heart of his friend before he made a narrow escape! Look out for Bungie breaking the fourth wall, too. At long last, the studio is resuming its tale of Light vs. Darkness. Assuming the Dreaming City gets vaulted when The Witch Queen expansion releases next year, players will want to start earning this title now before it's too late. In its stream revealing September 2020 expansion Beyond Light, Bungie's Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy announced 2021 expansion The Witch Queen … Her name can also be spotted attached to a scannable, an orb of dark energy that seems to be sending out a signal. Audience with the Queen is a weekly bounty in Destiny 2 Forsaken. The Witch Queen's tagline in the Past is Prologue video is "Do you know which side you're on?". Her lips are the same shade of blue. While Beyond Light will launch in 2020, The Witch Queen has a tentative release window of 2021. Of course, the Guardians stand in the way of humanity becoming the next course in this bloody intergalactic meal. And “The Festering Core,” a Strike added for 2019’s expansion Shadowkeep, pits Guardians against one of Savathûn’s envoys. At least Beyond Light will keep you busy until then. The song peaked at No. Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, is the sister of Xivu Arath, God of War, and Oryx, the Taken King. Here is a guide on how to obtain Cursebreaker in Destiny 2. Plus, she kind of has a score to settle with the Hive royal family, so she wouldn't miss a chance to kill any one of them. "The Witch Queen of New Orleans" is a 1971 song by Redbone. Twitter: @blogfullofwords, Monster Hunter Review: Paul W.S. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! The Witch Queen The Witch Queen was announced in June 2020 as part of a special Bungie stream and is planned for release in 2021. Since The Witch Queen is set after this fall’s Beyond Light expansion, which introduces a new Darkness ability called Stasis, Guardians will have their own Darkness-adjacent powers to fight the Witch-Queen when she arrives next year. She wanted to live long enough to make a difference for her sisters, whose largely absent father was too addled to protect his kingdom. Bungie detailed the next few years of Destiny 2 on Tuesday, including three major new expansions: Beyond Light, The Witch Queen, and Lightfall. Two of the most notable fights against Hive royalty centered on Oryx, The Taken King, and Crota, Son of Oryx (not Crota, Slayer of Guardians or a cool title, just Crota, Son of Oryx). For one thing, Savathûn will probably toss a lot of tricks and puzzles at players. Savathûn, the Witch Queen, formerly known as Sathona, is a Hive god and sister to Xivu Arath, God of War and Oryx, the Taken King. The era of true ARGs, which Bungie employed regularly during its Halo years, sending players scrambling across the real world to find narrative clues about the games, might be over, but if there’s any time to bring ARGs back, the Witch-Queen’s rise might be it. Savathûn and her siblings have been alive for millennia. As mentioned previously, The Witch Queen is a pretty clear reference to Savathiun, the Queen of the Hive who's been around for centuries commanding the Hive in the Solar System. The Taken are Darkness-corrupted entities originating from multiple species that have been warped into the Ascendant Plane and paracausally altered to serve their given purpose. And it did something unprecedented: it announced the expansions for the next two years as well, The Witch Queen in 2021 and Lightfall in 2022. Together with her two siblings, she was a progenitor of the contemporary Hive species and one of its chief gods, having made a pact with the Worms of Fundament. Destiny 2 has already experimented with visions and trickery in “The Last Wish,” The Dreaming City’s raid and throughout recent seasons, so I expect that to be turned up to 11 when Savathûn finally arrives. After Beyond Light, players can dive into The Witch Queen, before concluding the trilogy with Lightfall. "I once met a raving drunk who claimed he had wrestled with a succubus — a demonic creature that possesses the form and face of a beautiful woman. The first time you try to thwart one of her schemes, you lose. Welcome to Destiny Tracker - The premier Destiny 2 Stats Site! However, the game doesn’t give you any hints as to where to find the Oracle Offering to finish Audience with the Queen. Eris mentions Savathûn by name around the 0:55 mark in the Season of Arrival trailer, which all but confirms Eris will appear in the expansion. Titled The Witch Queen, its Hive-green logo strongly suggests Guardians will have fight back against this latest Hive threat to Earth. Unlike the original Destiny, Bungie shows no sign of abandoning Destiny 2 anytime soon in favor of a Destiny 3. We see this in Europa, where it is a city frozen over, with a scrapped together fallen city on top. The Witch Queen, coming in 2021, is a reference to Savathûn, the sister of Oryx; her manipulations and deceptions have been a big part of the lore in the last few years. Bungie has mapped out the future of Destiny 2 farther than anyone expected. Load more. Season 11’s key item, the seasonal artifact Seed of Silver Wings, is connected to this story. 1 Starting 2 The Queen 3 Completing 4 Warning 5 Trivia Go to Long Spit Village - East and talk to Waheetu, the Goblin Elder, "About the witches around here". What does she want? The Witch Queen will be the start of Year 5 of Destiny 2. She is located at the Palace of the Witch Queen. Players have loads to anticipate with the first expansion, Beyond Light. A master of lies and reality-bending magic, she’s the sister of Destiny raid boss Oryx, the Taken King. Savathûn is also slated to appear in a big way in 2021’s major Destiny 2 expansion. While Beyond Light will launch in 2020, The Witch Queen has a tentative release window of 2021. At times, she takes the alternate identity of Yuki-Sensei, the school nurse at Misora Elementary School. The common association with The Witch is a wicked old woman that we see in many movies or stories for children. It is reasonable to assume The Witch Queen will take place, or at least end, within Savathûn's Throne World, the High Coven. Your Destiny 2 Profile also has all your guardians and what gear you have equipped! Savathûn is one of a handful of characters who seems to maybe know she’s in a game. The single was released from Redbone's third album Message from a Drum, which is also titled The Witch Queen of New Orleans in its European release. The expansion releasing after Beyond Light is called Witch Queen. About our Destiny 2 Stats. Moreover, odds are good Eris Morn will play a significant role in The Witch Queen given her history with the Hive. Could be D1 Mars or Venus, maybe a revamped vaulted D2 location like Io or Titan. Destiny 2’s season 11, Season of Arrivals, continues to tease a new Hive villain: Savathûn, the Witch-Queen. Megan Crouse writes for Star Wars Insider and Star and is a co-host on Den of Geek's Star Wars podcast, Blaster Canon. Bungie has said they won't be vaulting any destinations with The Witch Queen but I wouldn't be surprised if the Tangled Shore sadly gets vaulted with Lightfall and replaced with either Mars or Venus. She used to be a child princess who loved her sisters and only allied herself with the worms because they promised a way out of a planet-wide cataclysm that was going to drown her species. At the real top of the food chain are the Worm Gods. So, who really is Savathûn? One thing that was certainly not expected was the reveal of two more expansions, The Witch Queen and Lightfall, coming in 2021 and 2022 respectively, presumably in the fall. “Wherever a falsehood is repeated about me, have I not displayed cunning? Bungie has already teased the launches of follow-ups The Witch Queen in 2021 and Lightfall in 2022. No, Witch Queen will not unvault any destinations. You can get it from Petra Venj in The Dreaming City. What can you glean from those dates? In Destiny lore, they’re the worst of the worst. He will ask you to kill the Witch Queen and will give you a magical hammer (Hammer of Witches) which is the ONLY way to kill her. D2-125 - "The Witch Queen's Magic” (1/24/83 to 5/7/83) D2-126 - "The Treasure Hunt" (5/9/83 to 12/6/83) D2-127 - "Rebellion in Frigia" (12/7/83 to 5/26/84) D2-128 - "EMP” (5/28/84 to 9/29/84) D2-129 - "Return to Atlantis” (10/1/84 to 1/26/85) D2-130 - "The Mystic Isles of Mongo” (1/28/85 to 8/17/85) The Hive codify that in that their species has been transformed into an army with the sole purpose of feeding the Sword Logic. It’s a weird, twisty story in which the narrator makes up false stories for canon characters, directly addresses the player, and calls out theorizers. Not October 2021 or Summer 2021, just 2021. Savathûn herself has appeared in Destiny lore since 2015’s The Taken King expansion and has been the subject of rumors ever since. Bungie may pull a fast one and kick 2021 off with a January release of The Witch Queen. They follow the Sword Logic, a might-makes-right ethos that ensures power trickles up from the lowliest warrior to the leader of the species. However, the wait for a trailer will still be long and arduous. Curse of Osiris released in December 2017, Warmind in May 2018, Forsaken in September 2018, and Shadowkeep in October 2019. Savathûn is coming to Destiny 2 in 2021. Beyond Light is also the first part of a trilogy of expansions which will roll out through 2022. Probably. Here you can track your Destiny 2 Stats, view your Destiny 2 Ranks, progression, match history, and more! The name, The Witch Queen, echoes The Taken King name, when we fought and defeated her brother. For example, Destiny 2 launched in September 2017. However, this interpretation has a lot of historical religious … The developers have shared a wealth of details about Beyond Light, but what does the second expansion hold in store? a pocket dimension) within the Ascendant realm, the High War. Then, she projects an image of Savathûn's emblem on Zavala's wall, stating in no uncertain terms that Savathûn blocked the Darkness' signal.