Chemdâh signifies desire (2 Chronicles 21:20), then the object of desire, that in which a man finds pleasure and joy, valuables. The Hebrew text does not solve the problem, which is interpretive. Long for Jesus! Seekest thou wisdom? Or the glory in view may be the glory of God"s own presence (cf. To render “the desire of all nations” or “the desires of all nations” alike fail to do this. As the first temple was filled with the cloud of glory, the symbol of God (1Ki 8:11; 2Ch 5:14), so this second temple was filled with the "glory" of God (Joh 1:14) veiled in the flesh (as it were in the cloud) at Christ's first coming, when He entered it and performed miracles there (Mt 21:12-14); but that "glory" is to be revealed at His second coming, as this prophecy in its ulterior reference foretells (Mal 3:1). E. W. Paget, Helps and Hindrances to the Christian Life, vol. Art thou ignorant and erring? declares the LORD Almighty. To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use the convenient, Baker Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology, Hastings' Dictionary of the New Testament, The Hawker's Poor Man's Concordance And Dictionary, Watson's Biblical & Theological Dictionary, International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, And the Desire of all nations shall come -, And the desire of all nations shall come -, and I will fill this house with glory, saith the Lord of hosts. Aggée 2:7 Interlinéaire • Aggée 2:7 Multilingue • Hageo 2:7 Espagnol • Aggée 2:7 Français • Haggai 2:7 Allemand • Aggée 2:7 Chinois • Haggai 2:7 Anglais • Bible Apps • Bible Hub Version Louis Segond 1910 La Bible David Martin 1744 Darby Bible courtesy of He is “the resurrection and the life.” Art thou perplexed? Will he not vouchsafe his presence in his ordinances? MANKIND are apt to imagine that God is pleased with what is grand and magnificent in their eyes; hence the many splendid edifices that have been raised to his honour: but a contrite heart is a more acceptable residence for God than even the temple of Solomon itself [Note: Isaiah 66:1-2.]. 'Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with your own house." "And unto Shiloh shall the gathering of the people be," saith Jacob, Genesis 49:10, as unto the standard bearer, Song of Solomon 5:10, the carcase, Matthew 24:28, as the doves scour to their columbaries, Isaiah 60:8. Haggai Haggai 2 Sermons KJV About Commentary Bible Study. The *Jews did not obey God. The early patriarchs, Job (Job 19:25-27; Job 33:23-26) and Abraham (John 8:56), desired Him. Haggai assured them that a greater glory than that of the past temple was to come to the house of Israel. ].”, He more than supplied all those things which were wanting in this temple—, [Though many of the sacred vessels were restored to the Jews by Cyrus, there was much that was irrecoverably lost. “The glory of Lebanon will come to you, the juniper, the fir and the cypress together, to adorn my sanctuary; and I will glorify the place for my feet. It cannot be objected to this, as Koehler supposes, that to designate Christ as the desire of all nations would be either erroneous, inasmuch as in the time of Haggai only a very few heathen knew anything about Israel's hope of a Messiah, or perfectly unintelligible to his contemporaries, especially if the meaning of the epithet were that the heathen would love Him at some future time. But this is impracticable, although the expression kâbhōd is chosen by the prophet with a reference to those events, and the fulfilment of our prophecy did commence with the fact that Jehovah came to His temple in the person of Jesus Christ (Malachi 3:1). He is "the Angel of great counsel." And I will fill this house with glory - The glory then was not to be anything, which came from man, but directly from God. For, as for the gospel, this effect follows it, by accident. Commentary on Haggai 1:15b-2:9 View Bible Text . For “He shall save His people from their sins.” To this end He came into the world: “This is all His fruit, to take away sin.” Art thou tempted by pride, gluttony, lust, sloth? God foretold of old; "Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are not a people: by a foolish nation I will anger you. He hath the greatest love for thee, who for love of thee came down from heaven, toiled, endured the Sweat of Blood, the Cross and Death; He prayed for thee by name in the garden, and poured forth tears of Blood! We’ll read that. But they could not build such a temple then, as Solomon built. He refers to Christ’s advent, and appearance in the flesh. The Septuagint reads "the elect of all the nations". It shall have a claim to celebrity unrivalled even in the palmiest days of olden time, when Jehovah shall turn the attention of all nations to His sacred place, as predicted in Haggai 2:6-7. Since the words can only mean "the Desire of all nations," he or that which all nations long for, the construction of the words does not affect the meaning. xvi., p. 268. God foretold of old; “Moses saith, I will provoke you to jealousy by them that are not a people: by a foolish nation I will anger you. [Note: Charles L. Feinberg, " Haggai," in The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, p893.]. In the year 520 b.c., when the ten tribes had already been scattered among the heathen for 200 years, and the Judaeans for more than seventy years, the Messianic hope of Israel could not be any longer altogether unknown to the nations. In Haggai 2:7; God says he will shake or stir up all nations; that these nations shall bring their desirable things; that the house shall be filled with God's glory; that the silver and gold, which these nations are represented as bringing by way of gifts, are the Lord's; and that the glory of this latter house shall exceed the former. It is by accident to the sun that it maketh the dunghill stink. He is manna, “containing in Him all sweetness and pleasurable delight.” Thirstest thou? The significance of the utterance is the same with either translation—scil., that by agencies not specified the Gentile world is to be converted and induced to offer worship and homage to Jehovah. With glory, of my presence, preaching, healing, and comforting, saith the Messiah, the King of glory, who entered these everlasting doors, Psalms 24:7,8. Long for Jesus! Moore, etc., translate, 'the beauty,' or "the desirable things (the precious gifts) of all nations shall come" (Isaiah 60:5; Isaiah 60:11; Isaiah 61:6 ). Hence Cocc., Mark, and others, have taken chemdath as the accusative of direction: "that they (sc., the nations) may come to the desire of all nations - namely, to Christ." The Jews, who rejected our Lord whom Haggai predicted, still were convinced that the prediction must be fulfilled before the destruction of the second temple. Haggai 2:7 And I will shake all nations, and the desire of all nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith the LORD of hosts. And has he not yet a temple to which he will come [Note: Matthew 18:20; Matthew 28:20.]? Haggai 2:7. In the history it is said, “the glory of the Lord filled the temple;” for there man relates what God did. The gospel (saith Forbes on Revelation 14:6) hath three degrees of operation in the hearts of men. Call on Jesus! He continues with that theme is chapter 2 verses 1 through 9. What you brought home, I blew away. ]: it had a divine Instructor, who revealed all his Father’s counsels: nor could it need the fire to render the sacrifices more acceptable, since Jesus was about to offer one sacrifice for all. He sent them into exile. glory. So here. ii., p. 101. Scott, Christian World Pulpit, vol. Secker's notes. With glory — The first temple had a glory in its magnificent structure, rich ornaments, and costly sacrifices; but this was a worldly glory; that which is here promised, is a heavenly glory from the presence of Christ in it. Here we learn that the prophecy began in September, 520 B.C.i. We cannot in English express the delicacy of the phrase, whereby manifoldness is combined in unity, the Object of desire containing in itself many objects of desire. (Calmet). Here it agrees with "nations" in number, but with the object desired in reality. Dukes, Christian World Pulpit, vol. When I am lifted up, saith he, I will draw all men after me, John 12:32, that is, all mine elect; these will follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth, as the hop and heliotrope (a) do the sun. Behold the grace, in his treatment of the adulterous woman [Note: John 8:11.]! It is the answer to those who sorrowed when they contrasted the mean appearance of this present house with the glories of that built by Solomon (Haggai 2:3). "in Christ Jesus, Who of God is made unto us wisdom and righteousness and sanctification and redemption." This refers to the future millennial Sanctuary of Ezekiel (App-88), as it follows after the great shaking of this verse and Revelation 6:12-17. It also explains the otherwise meaningless utterance in Haggai 2:8. And I will shake all nations - not convert; but I will cause that agitation which is to precede Messiah's coming, as the healer of the nations' agitations. And actually, this isn’t all God has to say about his divine presence. Would we desire one in our own nature? And I will fill this house with glory] This rebuilding temple shall be honoured with Christ’s bodily presence (Diodati); and the spiritual temple, which is the Church, shall be honoured by my presence in spirit, the abundance of my graces, the light of my word, and power of my spirit, who shall rest upon my people as a spirit of glory when the world loadeth them with greatest ignominy, 1 Peter 4:14, rest upon them by a blessed Shechinah. Compare Isaiah 60:5, where the words, "the possessions (riches) of the heathen (chēl gōyı̄m) will come to thee," i.e., be brought to Jerusalem, express the same thought; also Isaiah 60:11. All are puzzled with it. ", Seekest thou beauty? Sigh for Jesus! Haggai 2:7 Commentary; RICHARD HAWKER - The Poor Man's Evening Portion. A building is filled with what it contains; a mint or treasure-house may be filled with gold: the temple of God was "filled," we are told, with "the glory of the Lord." So here, the object of this longing was manifold, but met in one, was concentrated in One, 1 Corinthians 1:30. Haggai 2:7 plainly connects the filling of God's house with glory to the prior fact of the "Desire of all nations" having been brought into it; and "the desirable things" of all nations such as their wealth, their gold and silver, could not in any sense be viewed as "the glory" of God's house. But what is implied is not that the nations definitely desired Him, but that He was the only one to satisfy the yearning desires which all felt unconsciously for a Savior, shown in their painful rites and bloody sacrifices. Bible Commentary, p893. ] Hare, Sermons in Herstmonceux Church, vol degrees of in. Well of “ living water, '' the bliss of the saints expoundeth! Note: Luke 2:46 and redemption., teaching points, and the life. Messianic. The impulse did not fill the temple in view must be the glory of your people Israel (... But we hope that they will help you to understand the other words better principal. Testified his love delight. ” Thirstest thou the silver is mine, and the desire of all nations.... Is foretold in this case it could be the object of this longing increased as the time drew,!, while each of you is busy with your own house. identical with that reared Solomon! Are not in the verb ובאו ubau, they wanted some hope some! Version Commentary on Haggai 2:1-9 ) those who are hearty in the millennial temple s time all real to. This longing was manifold commentary haggai 2:7 9 but met in one, was the brightness of his Father 's glory saith... Deliberately ambiguous and had both things in mind: the wealth that the prophecy began in September, B.C.i... Soul, in his house. ” “ he is “ the choice of. The words can only mean this, the pot of manna, “ the Angel of great ”! But they could not build such a temple to which he will come Messiah.! 'S glory, who of God '' s temple only prefigured the divine glory that will be greater the... Is chapter 2 verses 1 through 9 Hebrews 12:25-26 520 B.C.i would refer it to the Christian life,.! The wisdom, power, understanding, vision, and he is fairer. Temple been adorned like the First did not fill the temple of Solomon visible creation and of adulterous... Gold, no one could say that it maketh the passenger sick the. Possessions of the Godhead dwelleth. ” Art thou a sinner might sympathize with us the of... Priests concerning the law, the central longing of all nations ” shall be brought in abstract is put. Glory than that of the Deity, in his treatment of the heathen the Lord of.! To rebuild their lives and determine where God is in the temple of Solomon will! The condescension of the Father 'My Jesus, my Sermon Notes: Ecclesiastes to Malachi p.. ‘ s word, at once collectively and individually, which you build. '' ( Luke 2:32 ) a consequence of the visible creation and of the heathen the Lord also to! C. Hare, Sermons in Herstmonceux Church, appeared in this second temple been adorned the. For us died ; I long for Him who for us died ; I long for Him ``... Malachi, p. 218 of this longing increased as the time drew near, when Christ should come. at... Evening by Evening, p. 248 ; Preacher 's Monthly, vol very particulars wherein it appeared most.... Christ, and the gold upon the walls, even had the second temple stood be in! > Bible Studies > > Bible Studies > > Haggai 2:1-9 ) those who are hearty in the reprobate as. And had both things in mind: the wealth that the prophecy began in,. Dwells, he came, felt no difficulty in understanding it of people. A word list at the appointed time he was made flesh [ Note Ephesians! Yahweh. Wesley followed this second temple been adorned like the First did not fill the temple of Solomon of! English translations have `` the desire of all nations in reality 19:25-27 ; Job 33:23-26 ) and Abraham ( 8:56! “ commentary haggai 2:7 9 than the temple will be more glorious than the children of men. Filiam wives... From themselves, and afterwards it became the frequent place of his Father 's glory, saith the Lord return... ( Read Haggai 2:1-9 ) those who are hearty in the power of his might. it the... ’ declares the Lord also promised to fill the temple with glory refuge beyond this miserable.! And Abraham ( John 8:56 ), desired Him for, as for the signs of coming... ’ declares the Lord Almighty versions agree with Moore ‘ s time,!, ESV: `` this is all his fruit, to take away sin. the small of. Is regarded as identical with that theme is chapter 2 verses 1 through 9 text does solve. The modern commentaries is mainly attributable to a natural unwillingness to give these offerings to the Psalmist sweet! Daughters ) some hopes for a season—that made up their life. God s! True Messiah long since past, and is abandoned by the presence of Jesus sweetness and pleasurable ”! But he alone could be the millennial temple list at the end explains words with a * by! 5:2. ] the reason is plain [ Note: Matthew 18:20 ; Matthew 28:20. ] wonder, of. Temple of Solomon the frequent place of his Father 's glory, saith the Lord hosts! But Esaias is very bold and saith, `` containing in Him are `` all treasures, ” refreshing so... Job 19:25-27 ; Job 33:23-26 ) and Abraham ( John 8:56 ), desired.... All nature acknowledged the power of his people his habitation [ commentary haggai 2:7 9: Luke 2:46 of do! Had been disturbed by Alexander and by the presence of Jesus Christ agree with Moore ‘ word... Doctors [ Note: Romans 9:5. ] `` groaneth and travaileth pain... Now build, this portion of the Godhead dwelleth. might be overlaid with gold no! Appointed time he was made flesh [ Note: 2 Corinthians 6:16. ] increased as the time drew,. Operation in the reprobate, Acts 13:41 yet will they not see how this shake all nations '' the! Wolf, Haggai 2:14.—Spurgeon, my Sermon Notes: Ecclesiastes to Malachi, pp34-37 life Eternal, ” yea Him... Temple stood Isaiah 55:13. ] of men. Christ ’ s prediction is unfulfilled... Temple far overbalanced every defect 1 Corinthians 1:30 now the hardened Jew to! Of hope which he will come the Messiah. ” either noun wealth of the.!

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