Delightful Dahlias has two locations in Washington state, offers over 600 unique varieties and has great customer service. Lynch Creek Farm has been growing dahlias for well over 20 years. Their shop opened on December 1st and a lot of the best varieties have already been snatched up, but there are still some gems available. Dan’s Dahlias is located in Washington state and has been offering dahlias for over 35 years. Dahlias produce a dramatic display of colour and form in Summer and Autumn in a huge variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Most of the varieties he offers for sale are intended for show. ADS does not maintain supplier information, but provide the following links for your convenience. I have visited the Accent display gardens nearly every year and love working with Ken. Thank you! Full of expert wisdom and overflowing with hundreds of breathtaking images, Discovering Dahlias is an essential resource and must-have book for anyone who loves flowers. Dahlia Flower Dahlias are strikingly bright and beautiful flowers. Here is a link. We appreciate it. I’d like to add Siskiyou Seeds to this great list! Thank you so much to our customers who support us. is a 14-acre farm located in Tillamook, Oregon that offers over 200 varieties and some of the best varieties for cutting. All of their dahlias are certified organic and lovingly tended to by Jen Zissou and her family. Our dahlia tubers are grown with passion, packed with care and sent to you with love. Dahlia flowering season in Australia is in late summer to autumn. Their online tuber shop has a great selection specifically for cut flower production. Country Dahlias:, Connie’s Dahlias:, Creekside Growers:, Ferncliff Gardens:, Au Beau Pre – Production Saint Anicet:, Stone Meadow Gardens:, Dahlias in Bilkas Garden Centers:, FAM Flower Farm:, Franz Sturm, Zeeland Dahlias:, Rose Cottage Plants:, Verberghe Eurobulbs: Tubers and plants are available in many ways. In addition to offering an incredible selection of fresh cut blooms they have also started offering over 100 varieties of their tubers for sale. 289-439-3084 Dahlia tubers can have several growing points called eyes, and can get bigger each year making more growing points. If you have a recommended source that you love and trust, please share it in the comments below. This Washington company has wonderful service, a nice selection, and some of the most high quality tubers I’ve ever ordered and they always seem to tuck in a few extras. We sell single dahlia tubers and dahlia bulbs that are true to name, guaranteed to grow and are free from viruses and diseases. And Happy Hollow Farm in Massachusetts sent me tubers that each had tiny sprouts from their eyes, all of which grew wonderfully. Although they’re no longer selling tubers, […]. Old House Dahlias  is a 14-acre farm located in Tillamook, Oregon that offers over 200 varieties and some of the best varieties for cutting. Award-winning Dahlia 'Mrs Eileen' is a magnificent Dahlia with its huge, profuse and showy vibrant orange flowers set against the lush green foliage. JS Dahlias is located in Middlebury, Illinois and offers more than 200 varieties with a specialty in show-quality dahlias. Dahlias by Julie located in northwest Washington offers a fantastic selection of many hard to find varieties. […] another great list of dahlia sources, see this blog post from Floret. is located in Middlebury, Illinois and offers more than 200 varieties with a specialty in show-quality dahlias. Grow these tall, dazzling flowers at the back of your garden or border planting, surrounded by lower-growing dahlias or perennials. We’re thrilled to share that their organic tubers are now available for sale and ship nationwide. The Dahlia tubers we carry are of the highest quality and health and carry a 100% guarantee. His photos are beautiful, but tubers are bad. Ferncliff Gardens has been offering top quality tubers for more than 100 years. Moss + Mirth Farm in Canada: They come in a variety of colors, however, if you are seeking a certain color, please call to ensure availability. wide (15-20 cm) are not top-heavy because they contain little water. Some Dahlias are seasonal, while others bloom all year. We have examined every possible way to make this happen, but our computer system is just not that sophisticated. Sunny Meadows Flower Farm owned by Gretel and Steve Adams is an urban flower farm 6 miles from downtown Columbus, Ohio. The tubers are extremely small and most arrived soft and rotting. Receive a 10% discount on your first tuber order. FREE Shipping. John specializes in breeding varieties that perform well in hot climates. is located in Washington state and has a wonderful selection of my favorite varieties for cutting. I have to agree with Teresa Bergman at, great variety and a wealth of information. Guaranteed to be true to name, healthy tubers. In year one, only half sprouted. Plant Dahlias on Melbourne Cup Day, (1st Tuesday in November) or after the danger of frosts has gone, but shop for bulbs earlier to get the best choice of new releases. Plant them in large areas for colorful and inviting displays that draw the eye over the entire property. 289-439-3084 $9.99 $ 9. Longfield Gardens offers dahlia bulbs in many different flower colors and styles. has v good quality dahlia products. Inspiring stories, profiles & advice from 45 flower growers from around the world, Join the Floret newsletter and stay in the loop on all the exciting happenings here on the farm. 99. Dan’s Dahlias is located in Washington state and has been offering dahlias for over 35 years. I think it will be interesting for you. Dahlia Bulbs - Mixed Colors - 3 Large Tubers Per Package. Plant them together or apart, our collection is a great way to get started with Dahlias or to freshen up an existing collection. Dahlias like full sun and compost enriched, well-drained soil. In just a single season, Dahlia plants will grow as full and lush as a mature rose bush, opening their brilliant blooms towards summer's end. Owner Debra Kaye has a keen eye for color and her variety selection is unmatched. Browse the collection to view our gorgeous dahlias. In addition to offering the highest quality tubers on the market they also go above and beyond when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. is also great source! Amazing colors and myriad forms elevate simple dahlia bulbs to something special in the landscape or garden. Crazy 4 Dahlias is a small farm located in Maryland and operated by John Spangenberg. Can anyone identify the dahlias in the first and/or last picture? We have a new page dedicated to tutorial videos to help you store, grow and take seed from dahlias. For international readers looking for dahlia tubers, we’ve compiled a short list of potential sources. Ferncliff Gardens has been offering top quality tubers for more than 100 years. Looking for wholesale flower bulbs in Canada? Available March 9, 2020. The site itself doesn’t include photos, but you can click the “google image search” just to the left of the variety name to see what it looks like. Buy your dahlia tubers via our webshop, we deliver in whole US. Total of 9 bulbs." Ribier Gardens is located on 5 acres in Meridian, Idaho and their dahlia tuber store opened for the second year on December 1st. Goldenrod Gardens is located in the mountainous northwest corner of North Carolina. They grow 36-48″tall. Last year I discovered Production St. Anicet from Canada who provided very healthy productive tubers. Our flower farming friends Triple Wren Farms up in Ferndale, Washington have recently added dahlia tubers to their offerings list. Sort By: Showing 1 – 92 of 92 Burgundy Berry Dahlia Flower. Dahlias vary from under 12″ to 7′ giants; their flowers may be demure buttons or huge, blowsy blooms. Buy dahlia bulbs online, we offer the highest quality and one of the largest varieties of dahlia bulbs at affordable prices. Locally Grown Dahlias 49 years of growing and showing dahlias, based in Milnthorpe, Cumbria. Collarette Dahlia Dahlia Season in Australia. Though my farm didn’t make the list, you might check out my website in late November to see my offerings. ocated in Washington state and has been offering dahlias for over 35 years. Fivefork Farms is a flower farm and collaborative partnership between five siblings in Upton, Massachusetts. Dan sells more than 300 varieties. Lobaugh’s Dahlias is a small family business located in Chehalis, Washington that specializes in hybridizing new varieties as well as selling a nice selection of tubers in their online shop. They remain upright and straight even when it rains. Be sure to check the Product Details to discover the availability of your favorite variety. I’m an avid dahlia collector and this past season our field included nearly 800 varieties., Dahlia Sources: Favorites for 2020 -, Unlike most Dahlia’s from tubers, seed dahlias are generally more compact in habit, and are best for borders and mixed patio containers. Can’t wait till Floret gets back in the tuber business! Also, check out their online store. Which Dahlias Should I Buy? They have been working for a number of years to build up mother stock and increase their offerings of the best varieties for cutting. Bear Creek Farm cultivates over 100 varieties of dahlias in an array of colors and sizes. Summer Dreams Farm is fast becoming one of the largest dahlia growers in the country. Browse J Parkers extensive range of top quality Dahlia tubers.

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